Copied Sentences

Dear students,
Some sentences are appearing twice in your homework summaries and opinions.
Some short sentences are not unusual from different students, so don't worry about that.
Others look like someone is copy pasting, perhaps from herself?

 [1] 1.                                                                                                                  
 [2] A letter is written what he is Washington now.                                                                      
 [3] After all , Beth recovered , like that their father returned to their home.                                          
 [4] Alice experienced many things.                                                                                      
 [5] Amy is fourth daughter.                                                                                              
 [6] And he died.                                                                                                        
 [7] Because he were sick.                                                                                                
 [8] Beth is third daughter.                                                                                              
 [9] But  their father return to this country from the war.                                                              
[10] Everyone's wish come true.                                                                                          
[11] For example, They give their mother  a christmas present and be provided the dinner for Lawrence of neighbor.        
[12] Four sisters lives strenuously ,but such time Beth becomes sick.                                                    
[13] Four sisters tried to live strenuously.                                                                              
[14] He was at a loss.                                                                                                    
[15] He was disappointed.                                                                                                
[16] He was very sad.                                                                                                    
[17] Jo is second daughter.                                                                                              
[18] Lisa and Alice are going to stay the Hotel Oracle.they are enjoy here.                                              
[19] Lisa are impatient, but She know this is practice their scens after fight.                                          
[20] Lisa likes him.                                                                                                      
[21] Meg is eldest daughter of a March family.                                                                            
[22] One day,they heared a rumor that Matt Lepadi and Claudia Carman who are Claudia's fiancee  are staying on this island.
[23] Rick Evelyn and Alex found the gold bracelet of Anubis in Egypt ruins.                                              
[24] She doesn't go to school.                                                                                            
[25] She goes to school.                                                                                                  
[26] She is fifteen years old.                                                                                            
[27] She is sixteen years old.                                                                                            
[28] She is twenteen years old.                                                                                          
[29] She's working as a private teacher.                                                                                  
[30] She's working at aunt's house.                                                                                      
[31] Their father went to a war because there are no enough money.                                                        
[32] They gave a letter from their father.                                                                                
[33] This story of main character is four people.                                                                        
[34] When Lisa on the balcony,she saw two peaple on the balcony of the hotel Astra.they quarrel.

If you wrote these sentences twice, please edit.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin