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Week 2

Dear students,
Your homework from last week was to write a minimum of two paragraphs for an essay of between 150 and 250 words about a graded reader that you read from last semester. Your summary should include an APA formatted in-text citation marker, and you should include a full APA formatted reference after your opinion. Did you also post your homework using the online form? Please keep your written work in a clear file, and post your homework online, too. If you wish to edit your work, you may do so via your email receipt. (Do not use the form for the same homework twice).

Today you will start writing about one of your discussion topics, fashion, art, and architecture.
Your topics this semester are:

Fashion Art and Architecture
Human rights
Social issues

Your homework today is to write either the summary and in-text citation in APA format, or your opinion and reference (in APA format).


Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Week 1

Dear students,
Today you will write a two-paragraph essay. The first essay will be a summary of a graded reader that you have read, and the second paragraph will be your opinion of the book. You should include an in-text citation marker in APA format for your summary, and a matching APA formatted reference at the end of your essay.

Please upload your homework using the file below:


(If you wish to edit your homework you MUST ONLY do so via your email receipt. Go to your email account. Find your receipt for this homework. Click "edit". Submit again. You may edit your homework 1 as many times as you like until the deadline in December. Do not use the form above twice! If this is not clear, please ask.)

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Welcome to Chris Elvin's Rikkyo university reading and writing class

Dear students,
Welcome to the autumn semester which is a writing class.
Your grading is criteria are:

Attendance 30 points

Class work and homework 50 points
You should keep everything you do in class in a clear plastic file, and upload your homework assignments using the homework form below.

Mid-term assessment 10 points
Final assessment 10 points


Kind regards,
Chris Elvin