Week 5

Dear students,
Today's topic is human rights.

Shadow the (simplified version) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles with a partner.

Investigate one of the thirty articles of the UDHR.
The BBC has a good website if you are stuck for ideas, (but it is for native speakers).
BBC human rights web page

In groups of three, write one part (one paragraph of more) to explain what one of the articles of the UDHR means, one part of a case study of this article, and one part which is an opinion of the case study.
For example, article 5 of the UDHR is freedom from torture.
a) what does that mean?
b) give an example of a case study of torture
c) write your opinion.

Human rights is very complex. Please do your best. Cite any sources in APA format.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin


Dear students,
For most of you, great job! Your work is good.
The only slight problem is that some of you have not written a graded reader summary from week 1 yet (you did not edit your email receipt from "hello").
Otherwise, everything is fine. Keep up the good work!
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Week 4

Dear students,
Today your topic is globalization.
First of all, please do the worksheet as a warm up exercise.
Then ask yourself how does globalization affect you locally?
In groups of four, choose a focus, draw your concept map and research your topic. Your group should write a minimum of a five-paragraph essay (one introduction, three body sections, and a summary).
If you use books, newspapers or websites for your research, you should include APA formatted in-text citations for each source. Every in-text citation should also have an APA formatted reference at the end of the essay.
Let me check your concept maps and APA formatted in-text citations and APA formatted references. Label which part of the essay your wrote when you upload your homework.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Homework form

Dear students,
Please use the form below for all homeworks

Homework form

Week 3

Dear students,
Today you will complete a worksheet related to brain gender and then conduct a class survey in groups of three. Please think of a question or questions about one topic related to gender that you would like to ask everyone in class. (For example, about jobs, sports, marriage, gender roles, behaviour, school, color, etc.)

You will need to download the print below and bring it to class.

Gender brain

Your homework is to write up your survey.
Do one of the following in your group:
1) Introduce your research question(s) (what is the background and why did you ask?).
2) Present the method and results.
3) Discuss the results and express an opinion.

Are you stuck for ideas? Here are some questions relating to gender:

Gender questions

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Week 2

Dear students,
Your homework from last week was to write a minimum of two paragraphs for an essay of between 150 and 250 words about a graded reader that you read from last semester. Your summary should include an APA formatted in-text citation marker, and you should include a full APA formatted reference after your opinion. Did you also post your homework using the online form? Please keep your written work in a clear file, and post your homework online, too. If you wish to edit your work, you may do so via your email receipt. (Do not use the form for the same homework twice).

Today you will start writing about one of your discussion topics, fashion, art, and architecture.
Your topics this semester are:

Fashion Art and Architecture
Human rights

Your homework today is to write either the summary and in-text citation in APA format, or your opinion and reference (in APA format).


Kind regards,
Chris Elvin