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Week 8

Dear students,
I would like to check your portfolis so please bring them to class.
Today's topic is human rights. Please choose a case study to summarize with your partner. It may be easier to work together and get help from your teacher if one person downloads the text and brings it to class. One person  should write the summary, and the other the opinion. In total, you should write between 300 and 500 words. You should remember to cite your source within your text and provide a reference at the end of your essay. Both of these should be in the format you have studied in class, APA.

BBC Human Rights Case Studies

In-text citation:
There is no clear author, nor a clear date for the pages above. Instead of the author, you should use a short or shortened title of the web page in quotation marks. Because there is no date, you should use "n.d.".
For example, ("Case Study: The Trafficking of Children", n.d.).

If there is no author, you should write the titl…

Week 7

Dear students,
Today I would like to check one of your three book summaries that you will be handing in at the end of the semester. You should write one paragraph as a summary, which will include an APA formatted in-text citation (author's family name, year), and one paragraph as your opinion. After that, you should include a reference list at the end of your summary which will contain the full APA formatted reference of the book that you read. Each of your summaries should be over 150 words.
After that, you will have a mid-term test.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Week 6

Dear students,
Your homework was to type up your summary, paraphrase, and long and short quotations from an article about globalisation that you started in groups last week. You should include APA formatted in-text citations and an APA formatted reference in your "Works Cited". Remember to abide by APA format for font type, font size, spacing, and justification, and as you did in the previous week, please highlight your contribution with a coloured marker pen.

Today's topic is gender. First you will discover the gender of your brain by taking part in a not-so-serious activity:
What gender is your brain?
After that, you will have another timed writing challenge. You will have 45 minutes to answer the following question in at least 250 words.

Some people say that men have different qualities that make them more suited for certain jobs while women are more suited for others. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In order to answer this questio…

Week 5

Dear students,
Today I will check your typed essays that you completed for homework. After that, you will practice summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting an article about globalisation that you should bring to class or be able to access in class. You will also learn how to write in-text citations and "Works Cited" references in APA format. You may work in small groups of two or three people and share the same globalisation-themed text. Please show your work to your teacher when you have finished.

For homework, you should make sure that each of your three book summaries includes an APA formatted in-text citation, a personal comment, and a "Works Cited" APA formatted reference which matches your in-text citation.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

ライティングクラス(WRT) 不正行為対応ガイドライン

ライティングクラス(WRT)不正行為対応ガイドライン 1.不正とみなされる行為 1)インターネットなどで入手した資料を原文のまま(あるいは一部を)著者を明示せずに書き写すこと。剽窃。 2)翻訳ソフトを用いること。 3)別のクラスで提出した課題を再利用すること。 2.処罰 学期中の課題における不正行為については、その課題について無得点とする。 最終レポートとして提出された文について不正行為が認められる場合には「最終テスト不正行為対応ガイドライン」に準ずる手順とする。担当者は各コースコーディネーターに証拠書類を提出する。 3.不正予防対策 1)学生に配布するシラバスに剽窃を含む不正行為に対する方針を明記して説明すること。学生に周知徹底するように上記「不正とみなされる行為」の記載は日本語が望ましい。 2)学期を通じて学生の理解を徹底するようにつとめること。 3)個人的体験や意見を中心に論ずるなど、なるべく剽窃が難しい課題を与えること。 4)最終レポートは(例えば事前に課題を指示、辞書持ち込み可などにより)授業内テストとして書かせることも有効であろう。
Please don't cheat! Kind regards, Chris Elvin