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Final test

Dear students,
Your final exam will take place during the last lesson of the semester. You should bring a graded reader to class and summarize it and write your opinion. This test is worth twenty points; Ten points for summary and ten points for opinion. You may prepare for the test in advance, but you may not copy from notes during the test. You may use a dictionary if you wish. The test will last 70 minutes.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Student recommendations

Dear students,
Below is a list of books which were rated highly.

Top 100 Books

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

discussion groups

Dear students,
Here are the groupings for your next class.

Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Popular authors

Dear students,
Here is a list of popular authors in terms of how often their books were borrowed by you.

##  1 elizabeth laird      15
##  2 john escott          14
##  3 mark twain           12
##  4 philip prowse        12
##  5 john milne           11
##  6 richard macandrew     9
##  7 bernard smith         8
##  8 stephen rabley        7
##  9 alexandre dumas       6
## 10 charles dickens       6
## 11 jennifer bassett      6
## 12 mike esplen           6
## 13 vicky shipton         6
## 14 antoinette moses      5
## 15 leslie dunkling       5
## 16 lewis carroll         5
## 17 rudyard kipling       5
## 18 sue leather           5
## 19 tim vicary            5
## 20 tonya trappe          5

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

Good work!

Dear students,
You are all doing a great job! Recently, your opinions got longer and smarter, so well done for reflecting and thinking critically.
Here is an up-to-date graph of your results:

Book summary limit

Dear students,
There is no maximum limit for the number of homework assignments that you may submit. The maximum number of points is forty. If your average assignment score is four, you should submit ten assignments (or more, if you wish). If your average score is three, you should submit fourteen assignments. If your average score is two, you will need to read and post twenty assignments to get forty points.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin


Dear students,
Here is my grading criteria for your book reports:

0 Copying
1 The book was probably read.
2 The summary was not well written and the opinion lacked much thought.
3 The summary was well written OR the opinion showed critical thinking.
4 The summary was well written AND the opinion showed critical thinking.

This means that people who read well can get a "3" for smart thinking.
People who write well can get a "3" for good writing.
You need to do both to get a "4".


1) The variety of words was more important the total number of words.
2) Opinions were more important than summaries.
3) Opinion length wasn't that important.

This means that a short intelligent opinion may be better than a long summary.

Keep up the good work!
I will mark again in July, so if you edit your summaries (use the email response) your score may improve.

Kind regards, Chris Elvin

Half-term graded reader scores

Dear students,
Below are the average scores for the class for your graded reader assignments.

0 - copied from the internet, the story, the back of the book, or used translation software
1 - the book was probably read
2 - the summary contains too many errors and the opinion was not particularly interesting
3 - either the summary was well written or the opinion was interesting
4 - both a well written summary and  an interesting opinion

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin