Week 8

Dear students,
I would like to check your portfolis so please bring them to class.
Today's topic is human rights. Please choose a case study to summarize with your partner. It may be easier to work together and get help from your teacher if one person downloads the text and brings it to class. One person  should write the summary, and the other the opinion. In total, you should write between 300 and 500 words. You should remember to cite your source within your text and provide a reference at the end of your essay. Both of these should be in the format you have studied in class, APA.

BBC Human Rights Case Studies

In-text citation:
There is no clear author, nor a clear date for the pages above. Instead of the author, you should use a short or shortened title of the web page in quotation marks. Because there is no date, you should use "n.d.".
For example, ("Case Study: The Trafficking of Children", n.d.).

If there is no author, you should write the title of the web page instead. If there is no date, so you may use "n.d." to signify no date. Instead of a publisher, you should cite the organization responsible for publishing the web page.
Your reference for a web page in a website with no author or date should look similar to that below:
Case study: the trafficking of children in West Africa. (n.d.). In BBC World Service. Retrieved from http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/people/features/ihavearightto/four_b/casestudy_art04.shtml.

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin