Week 6

Dear students,
Your homework was to type up your summary, paraphrase, and long and short quotations from an article about globalisation that you started in groups last week. You should include APA formatted in-text citations and an APA formatted reference in your "Works Cited". Remember to abide by APA format for font type, font size, spacing, and justification, and as you did in the previous week, please highlight your contribution with a coloured marker pen.

Today's topic is gender. First you will discover the gender of your brain by taking part in a not-so-serious activity:
What gender is your brain?
After that, you will have another timed writing challenge. You will have 45 minutes to answer the following question in at least 250 words.

Some people say that men have different qualities that make them more suited for certain jobs while women are more suited for others. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In order to answer this question well, you should think about it beforehand, draw an outline or map, and prepare your vocabulary. During the exercise, you will not be allowed to refer to your notes, nor use a dictionary or electronic device, so it will be like a real test.
Afterwards, you will have time to estimate your score by referring to the band scale criteria that you downloaded previously.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin