Week 9

Dear students,
Please read your essay about human rights to another pair at the beginning of the class. I would also like to have a look at these essays, too. In particular, make sure that your intext citation and references are in correct APA format.
Today's topic is appearance, so you will write about a work of art. With a partner research your topic on Wikipedia and summarize the article in one or two paragraphs. You will need to cite your source in APA format as usual (an intext citation and a full reference). After that, write your opinion of your chosen work of art in one, two, or maybe a few paragraphs. Before you start writing, you should draw a map of your essay with your partner. In total, you and your partner should write between 300 and 600 words.

APA Format Example

Here is an example of an in-text citation in APA format. In this particular case, it is a Wikipedia web page about Van Gogh`s "Sunflowers". This in-text citation would normally come at the end of the summary.

("Sunflowers", n.d.)

Here is the full reference for "Sunflowers" which would appear in the "References" section at the end of the paper.

Sunflowers (Van Gogh series). (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved from

If you have time, please read your essay to another pair.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin