Week 10

Dear students,
To start today's lesson, please read your essay on appearance to another pair or group. After that, let your teacher briefly check your essay, including your intext citations and references.
Today's topic is language. You may write about anything you like within the broad subject of language. You should research and write about this topic in small groups. Your essay will be the same for your group; You will each contribute a different section of the essay. First, narrow your focus, and write a title or a thesis statement. Then do your research and draw your map or outline. If you summarize, paraphrase, or quote, you will need to include APA formatted intext citations. The ideas and quotations you use should support your thesis.
A good essay should be well researched, have a clear intelligent opinion, and be well written. At the end of your essay, you should have a list of APA-formatted references which match your intext citations. Each person in your group should write at least 250 words.
While you are working on your essay, your teacher would like to look at any one of the papers that you have written so far. He will check it for errors so that you can notice the kind of mistakes that you may be making. Please choose which paper that you want him to check.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin