Welcome to writing class - Week 1

Dear students,
Today I will assess your writing level, so please answer the following question:

Some people say that everyone should retire at age sixty-five, whereas others argue that this should not be the case. Discuss both points of view before concluding with your opinion

Your essay should be at least four paragraphs, and you may work alone or in a group.

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin


Attendance: 30 points
Three typed 150-word summaries of graded readers that you read this semester: 20 points
Your class portfolio (keep everything that you do in class): 20 points
A mid-term test: 10 points
A final test: 20 points


Week 1 - human rights
Week 2 - appearance
Week 3 - language
Week 4 - media
Week 5 - globalization
Week 6 - gender
Week 7 - mid-term test
Week 8 - human rights
Week 9 - appearance
Week 10 - language
Week 11 - media
Week 12 - globalization
Week 13 - gender; hand in class portfolio; hand in graded reader summaries
Week 14 - final test