Week 4

Dear students,
Today you will learn about setting up your word processor in order to format your essay correctly, so please remember to bring the "Becoming a Better Writer" textbook to class. (You will also review plagiarism in the textbook, too.)

If your document is correctly formatted, it will look similar to the one below.

A Rikkyo University correctly formatted word document

Today's topic is media. In groups of four you will propose a question that your group will plan and write together as a 600-word multiple paragraph essay. For homework you should type it in the appropriate format for this college. You may inlude all of the essay in your portfolio, but highlight the part that you wrote.

Please also note that the three book summaries that you have to write for homework should be typed in APA format (Rikkyo University English Department format), which is detailed in your textbook.

Kind regards,
Chris Elvin